My Recital
Jesse Blair
Composer / Guitarist
My graduate recital was held on March 6 2010 at UNCSA Watson Hall, NC.  Below you will find video and mp3’s of the concert.
I also recommend reading the recital program which gives background on each of the pieces.
mp3          video
mp3          video
mp3          video
mp3          video
mp3          video
Invention No. 1
(solo piano)
Etude No. 6
(solo piano)
(solo trombone)
(woodwind quartet)
The Rebotco Encounter
(woodwind quartet)
Open Wounds
(electronic piece*)
    I.    Glimpsing the Extremes
    II.   Fine and Dandy
    III.  Contemplation
    IV.  Peace
(solo piano)        
Performer Credits:
Benjamin Garner, piano
Megan O'Malley, trombone
Megan Szymanski, flute
Stacy Ford, oboe
Rashad Hayward, clarinet
Juliana Mesa, bassoon
* Open wounds was performed in 7 channel surround sound, but a simple stereo mix is included above.